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Groom, Jim Downing says:

"In a wedding the one thing you absolutely cannot skimp on is a DJ. This person will make or break your one day. Brian was perfect in everything he did. He controlled the entire flow of the wedding to make it flawless. 100% hands down the best money spent. Brian works with you through the whole process from start to finish. One on one sessions to make everything unique to your wedding. At the end of the day I can’t say enough great things about the job Brian did.."

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MoB, Angie Paul says:

"We hired Brian for our daughter’s wedding, and he was amazing! From the beginning of the evening to the very end, he was a true Master of Ceremonies. His wedding party introductions, bride and groom’s love story, cocktail hour music - everything was perfect! We have been to three wedding in the past month. After seeing the other DJ’s, I am so glad we chose Brian to be part of our celebration. He is a true professional and takes great pride in his work, and it shows.
I would hire him again!."

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Bride, Emily Dunigan says:

"Perfection ! Not only was he a DJ, but he was basically a day of coordinator, and a really fun/involved wedding guest. Brian is very professional and well spoken. He is on top of things, quick to respond, and extremely invested in his bride and groom. Our favorite part hands down was the love story Brian told about my husband and I! It was incredible and had lots of people in happy tears. Brian was an unbelievable DJ! He was worth every penny, and I truly cannot say enough good things."

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(photo of Elise & Tyler's Grand Entrance at the Dayton Art Institute by Clary Photo