Upshot to cathedral style ceiling in the Cincinnati Renaissance reception hall.


A symmetrical room with your guests surrounding a centrally located dance floor creates a centerpiece and focal point. Your guests will be able to see and hear every memorable moment without feeling like they are miles away from the action. We call this staging, and how it's chosen is very important to how connected your guests will feel during your celebration.

Elegant & Clean Presentation

Equally important to how the room is staged; sound and lighting are two important elements that should never be ignored. Brian's small footprint of sound and lighting equipment guarantees there will be nothing unsightly when you walk into your beautiful reception room for the first time.

Brian uses the EV Evolve 50 sound system, which will visually blend into the background and is an acoustically matched sound system that will guarantee your guests will hear everything being said that evening: from his first words to greet them, to the toasts, and finally the dance music that plays, creating a dancing environment that is irresistible to your guests!

To take your room visual to the next level, ask Brian about his full room uplighting option!

(photo of the Cincinnati Renaissance by Jonathan Gibson)