Bride and Groom walking between aisle of guests cheering them as they reception ends.

Your Ceremony

The number one complaint I hear from engaged couples about ceremonies they've attended is that they couldn't hear what was being said. And that they'd like to avoid that for their wedding. Same? Well don't worry, because your ceremony will be beautiful, it will be intimate, and everyone in attendance will hear every word spoken by you two, and your officiant. Yes, even those all the way in the last row! That's because both the groom and officiant will be affixed with tiny, unobtrusive lapel microphones to capture it all, which will also pick up the bride's voice.

As your guests arrive and take their seats, beautiful crystal clear music of your choice will set the tone. And that fun music will continue as we bring you and your wedding party down the aisle to begin one of the most memorable days of your life. This is the beginning ... of forever! Are you ready? Let's do this!

(photo of Holly & Tate's ceremony at The Grande Hall, by Paige Danielle Photography)
"Brian was amazing. He helped create many awesome memories. From the start, he was organized and prepared to do anything we asked. He meets with you several times before your big day to learn your love story and get to know you as a couple. He made the wedding day super easy. Playing plenty of great music was just a start. He provided great direction as our master of ceremonies, helped make an awesome light saber battle for our first dance, and guided my guests throughout the night so everybody knew what was going on. I could ask for more from a DJ/ master of ceremonies. He was excellent."
-Holly & Tate Bowen