Wedding guests and wedding party dancing while the DJ emcees from the side of the dance floor


Your ceremony has ended and your guests are headed to your reception venue. The ambiance is set as they enter to your chosen background music for the start of cocktail hour, and there is a feeling of fun, excitement and festiveness in the air. And if you've chosen to have Brian provide full room uplighting, your guests will receive a visual "wow factor" as they enter the room glowing with color and warmth!

Your Grand Entrance will supercharge and signal the true start of the night. Your chosen music for dinner hour will be set at a comfortable level for all to hear. Wireless mics will be provided for those toasting you. And if you've chosen to have Brian share your Love Story, he will reacquire focus after dinner to share this special moment with everyone, which will lead directly into your first dance, making it even more meaningful than ever!

And after the formalities are complete, your dance party will begin as the house lights come down, and a wash of dance lighting ignites the floor with your guests dancing all around you!

"I've worked with hundreds of DJ's over my 20 years as a Wedding Photographer and Brian is the only one that consistently pleases his clients...he is the only DJ we recommend when we know our clients want the best!"